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Craft Fail: Car Wrecks

Maya wanted a Cars-themed birthday party like her friend, Brogan, had for his birthday. Brogan’s mom said “you can have the Cars cakelet pan” and I thought sure, that will be cute.  After all, look at how adorable these Car cakelets are.  Cakelets are just a fancy way of saying cupcakes that take a ridiculous amount of work to make which the kids will eat like a regular cupcake anyway and not appreciate all the work that goes into it.  I looked up instructions on the Williams-Sonoma blog:

Lightning McQueen in fatal car wreck.

Lightning McQueen in fatal car wreck.

Alrighty, no problem.  Well… turns out yes, we have a problem or two.  First up – the cars have itty-bitty parts that get stuck in the pan.  Second – I could NOT get the right consistency of the icing!  The blog said to ” pipe icing onto the cakelet, allowing it to drip down and cover the sides, which will create a solid foundation…”  Yeah, more like a quicksand type of foundation.  The icing was too thick to pour so I kept thinning and thinning until it dripped but then it just got gloppy!

The third problem was the colors!  Do you know how much RED it takes to make Lightning McQueen?  And For the life of me I could not get the right shade of blue for Fillmore.  Forget brown for Mater, he’d just look like one lumpy poop pile.  By this point I was so disgusted with the whole process I gave up and decided to go with a regular cake instead.  I’ll post about that another day.




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