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Ikea Hack – Pez Collection Display Rack


Max & Otis Designs Pez Rack

Ikea Gurndtal & Ribba turned into Pez collection display rack

My daughter, Maya, has an unintentional Pez collection as I’m sure most kids do. It didn’t start out to be a collection but one Pez dispenser here, one there and after a few years it adds up to a collection.  We were keeping them in a metal lunchbox just to keep them together but I wanted her to be able to use them and see them.  I’d been thinking about what would work and I had also been planning to add shelves to her room anyway for all those “participation” trophies she gets.  She’s only 6 and already has quite a few.


Off to Ikea, I purchased the Ribba ledge shelves, I like how they float on the wall and are shallow but still have a lip to keep things from rolling off.  I came across the Grundtal rack for hanging baskets and thought I could hang the Pez dispensers on them and let them dangle.  It sort of worked but the smaller Pez heads fell through so I mounted the Grundtal right about the Ribba and the back lip works great in holding the Pez upright.  I mounted it low enough so Maya can take them in and out and refill them whenever she has Pez on hand.


The only problem was Buzz Lightyear, he was too fat to fit in the rack so on the second rail I put a few washers behind the Grundtal brackets to give a little more room and that worked perfectly.





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